My Granddaughter Chloe had her little baby’s feet cast for my 80th Birthday, I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled and emotional I was when I received these beautiful tiny feet in a sumptuous little gift box and soft velvet cushion where the cute feet were sitting, oh my was a present like no other!! Now all my friends at my Coffee club want one of their family!
I was 8 months pregnant and had my whole torso up to my neck cast in this fantastic substance called Alginate, first Nick and his assistant Stephie made sure that I was comfortable and then they started slopping on this thick jelly blue alginate onto my lower and upper torso! It felt lovely and warm, it sets really quickly and after this had been put onto my torso they then placed wet linen plaster strips on top of the alginate to create a super tight secure mould. Oh my goodness when it was finished, taking only about 25 minutes I could not believe how fantastic the finished mould looked, every detail unfolded and my skin felt like I had been to a beauty spa! Stephie his assistant ran a lovely warm bath for me and I had a super relax in oils.
Nick was wonderful, he came to our house, we had a chat about what he was going to do, he prepared the floor with covers and then my little Girls feet were cast…..hey presto a beautiful set of feet were created from this amazing turquoise moussy stuff called Alginate, it’s quick, safe and made from Seaweed! Absolutely amaaaaazing. Would recommend to my Friends!
I approached Nick and Steph to have my bottom cast for my Husband as a gift for our 20th wedding anniversary.
The experience was exceptional, after a few emails and a couple of telephone conversations I drove from Hertfordshire to their Oxfordshire home to be cast. The process was quick and easy and stress free, the casting took around 20 minutes, afterwards I had a lovely warm bath and after a cuppa off I went. A week later the cast of my bottom was ready, it looked absolutely fabulous, more fabulous than I could ever imagined, the cast had been assembled on a stone plinth and I was able to turn it in every direction to see every contour. It now stands proud in my hall way and by the way my Husband went wild when he saw it!!!!!