Pregnancy casting

Always wondered what your belly looked like whilst you were pregnant…?
Well now you can! Unlike DIY casting kits, which have a very crude finish you can have a super realistic cast of your pregnant bump capturing skin texture with every detail. These can be created for free standing or hung on a wall.

The process takes about 20-25 minutes. First we cover your body with a safe substance called alginate (Dentists use this to cast teeth and is made from an amazing seaweed base). Then we build a plaster shell to hold the alginate in place. Once the cast is removed it is taken to our workshop and 2 weeks later you will have a beautiful realistic sculpture of your pregnancy form.

A special moment captured in time forever.

Please note:

There is always a female assistant present during casting and if you so wish your bra can be kept on, this will not interfere or inhibit the casting process.

Belly Only £275
Belly and breasts £435
Belly and hand £355
Belly breasts and hand £520

We can patina your sculpture in different colour finishes, plain white, bronze, silver or gold.